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Placenta Encapsulation: Professionals & Safety

May 9, 2016

To find out more about what encapsulation is and why it is beneficial, click here.



After years of being a professional encapsulator and encapsulating over hundreds of placentas, we hear the same concerns and questions from our clients over and over - and we LOVE it!



We like being able to answer these questions because it gives us the opportunity to be truly transparent in our practices and protocols.


What are the clients asking? The questions include a variety of things, but most of them boil down to whether or not placenta encapsulation is safe. 



The thing is, we don’t have very much research in the field of placenta encapsulation. We do have a lots of anecdotal evidence showing that placenta encapsulation can be beneficial. There are however some very important things to find out prior to hiring a professional and one question that is particularly important is:




Is your encapsulator qualified to provide you with safe encapsulation services?


Placenta encapsulation is not regulated under Health Canada so it is up to the consumer to make sure that the professional they are choosing is… indeed a professional!




Here are some questions that can help you feel confident in your encapsulators qualifications: 


  • Are you trained? Can you show me proof of your training?  

  • Where do you encapsulate? Can I see your designated space? 

  • What safety measures do you have in place for sanitization, storage and procedures? 

  • Are you insured? 

  • How  much experience do you have? How many placentas have you encapsulated? 

  • Under what circumstances are placentas unable to be encapsulated?  

  • Should I check with my healthcare provider about placenta encapsulation? (Hint, this answer should ALWAYS be yes!)




What makes Okanagan Doula's encapsulator different than other encapsulators in our area? 


It is important to us that women have access to qualified professionals whose first priority is health and safety. We are proud to: 



Be trained by two separate organizations, with a third training in progress


Take yearly refreshers and training in Blood Borne Pathogens and Infection Control


Be trained in Safe Food Handling in accordance with the BC Safe Health Act 


Offer transparency! We invite you to see our space or to have us encapsulate in your home, whatever you are most comfortable with.


Have encapsulated hundreds of placentas, we have developed very specific safety measures, precautions and protocols to protect you and your health.


Follow very strict guidelines, standards of practice and code of ethics. 



Some encapsulators will encapsulate out of their home kitchen however we have a specific designated  and controlled space where encapsulations take place.



Encapsulation can be very beneficial when done properly. 

Choose a professional that takes your health and safety as seriously as you do!  



Copyright, January 2016. Okanagan Doula. All rights reserved.

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