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This week marked our last visit with Ashley, our postpartum doula. Words cannot express how muchy gratitude I have for her help through some of the hardest days. When I was pregnant, I came across the idea that so many mamas pour all their energy into the pregnancy and preparing for the birth and not enough into what comes after. Especially care for not only the baby, but the MOM. I figured that having a baby during a pandemic, away from most of our friends and family would be challenging, and it sure has been. And, so, arranging Ashley’s support was one of the best things we did.


She met with us when I was pregnant and gave me ideas of how to prepare for postpartum. She came and sat on our bed, three days after birth, and cup fed Bowie so we could take a break after hours of feeding challenges She showed me countless ways to improve breastfeeding when Bowie was struggling in the early tongue tie days. 


She cut holes in my old bras so I could pump hands free.She got me out of the house for my first baby wearing walk with Bowie She listened to me process my birth story and the loss that came before it with compassion and empathy.


She cooked.

She cleaned.

She held Bowie while he slept.


She checked in with ME always, and made sure I was doing okay. She shared resources and always reminded me of the importance of getting out to see other mom friends. She celebrated all the wins and reminded me of how far our little family had come each month. 


She walked my dog, folded laundry and congratulated me on 7+ months of breastfeeding and told me I should be proud. She always reassured us that whatever parenting woe we were going through was very hard and very normal. Over and over again.


Every family deserves the support of a doula and I couldn’t recommend one enough. Not included are our other birth doulas, Anna and Emilie! And I soooo regret not taking pics! But, you know, when in labour, I was distracted lol. 


We will miss you Ashley, Anna & Emilie - Thank you from the bottom of my heart.




Baby Mateo.png


Initially I was not sure I would need the extra support from a Doula since my mom and my husband were going to be present during my labor. Well, having Emilie's guidance and presence during labor was the BEST decision I have ever made. She helped me feel calm before labor and was instrumental in helping me maintain focus during the delivery. She recommended all the right position changes to make me feel more comfortable, and counted through every breath by my side. She not only helped me, but also guided my mom and husband as to how they could help me. The support did not end after our son Mateo was born, she made sure I was ok after and also provided invaluable support during the first weeks. I would strongly recommend her services to any expectant mother. Thank you so much Emilie!





We hired The Ashley and Anna team for our first birth.  My husband was hesitant to hire a doula at first.  He thought that a doula would take over as sole support person during labour.  After talking with Ashley and Anna, my husband was reassured that they are the support system for both the mother and the father, and they are not there to replace anyone.  Throughout my pregnancy, Ashley and Anna were available to answer and questions I had, and to share evidence based resources with me. 


As soon as I walked into my first meeting with Ashley and Anna, I felt a sense of calm. They exude such a calm and loving energy which is exactly what I had envisioned for my birth.  When my water broke really early in the morning, my instinct was to reach out to Ashley first.  That initial reaction is evidence of how much of a trusted relationship we were able to build during my pregnancy.  Ashley reassured me of what to expect when I get to the hospital, she calmed me down and kept in constant contact with me until I wanted her to join us at the hospital. 


My labour was painful, but Ashley helped me remain grounded and stick to my birth plan. Her pain management techniques were a lifesaver and I was able to keep pain medication to a very minimum.  After our little one was born, Ashley assisted during my golden hour with latching.  


I really do not think we would have the same birth story if we had not hired Ashley and Anna to assist with our birth.  I cannot put into words how grateful we are for them.  


And now, my husband (the one who did not want to hire a doula) has decided to hire Ashley on as a postpartum doula! 


With loads of love and gratitude,





My husband and I worked with Anna from Okanagan Doula’s for a planned home birth of our second child in November, 2018. From the very start, she was communicative, competent, flexible and kind. 


When I went into labour, she arrived right away and set to work helping me with different labour positions and breathing techniques that helped immensely. She also helped my husband with everything he needed (often anticipating his needs) so that he could focus his attention on supporting me effectively. Anna was assertive when she needed to be but was also incredible at empowering my husband and then stepping back. 


I can say without a doubt her support and guidance was a contributing factor to my being able to deliver a baby at home, quickly, safely and smoothly. 


Lindley and Anna’s post-delivery care was also excellent and helped me feel extremely supported. I would recommend their services to any and every expectant mother and can’t thank them enough for all they did for us.






We used Okanagan Doulas to assist us during the birth of our first baby, Kiana. They were amazing! Jamesie was our Doula, and she came to our home, as we had chosen to do a home water-birth. If she wasn’t massaging my back, or talking calmly to me through my contractions she was helping to fill the birthing pool or getting me more snacks or water. She and my husband made a great team. When the time comes for us to have another baby, we will definitely turn to Okanagan Doulas once again



Both Sally and Lindley made a huge difference in our experience during the pregnancy, the birth and the postpartum period. We appreciated the opportunity to have private prenatal classes where we could ask all our own questions and tailor the sessions specific to us. Lindley was invaluable throughout the delivery providing focused support through contractions and helping us talk through our options as they arose. Sally was so supportive in the postpartum period providing help with breastfeeding. Both Lindley and Sally contacted us frequently to see how things were going and offering continued support. We could have survived the whole experience without them but I wouldn't want to! Sally and Lindley had a significant impact on our birth experience and the memories we will cherish for a lifetime.




We were blessed to have Okanagan Doulas with us for the birth of both of our babies. It was a decision I will always be grateful for and she will always hold a space in my heart. Although my husband was there for support, Lindley was there to take things to a whole new level, re-energize me, motivate and push me to higher levels and in the direction that we had discussed, in a plan before the actual labours. Although both labours had negative things that weren't foreseen and I wasn't able to labour according to my "dream plans", Lindley was there with the most positive words and actions. She was outstanding as a support person, and although I didn't get to labour "my way", I know in my heart I gave it my absolute best and I'm very happy with the outcomes.



Rosa Senecal

Lindley's gentle support during my labour was a great comfort. I had decided to try a VBAC and, though I didn't fully realize it at the time, as struggling with self-doubt and anxiety. It was a huge help to be able to be in email and phone contact with both Lindley and Sally before the birth. During the labour Lindley helped in such a non-invasive and subtle way with a variety of things, from helping my husband apply pressure to my back/knees during contractions, to suggesting different positions, to bringing me much needed snacks after my daughter was born. I would highly recommended both Lindley and Sally to anyone who is looking for a more supportive birth experience.




Lindley was an invaluable part of our birth team. We hired her for the planned home birth of our second child, and am very glad we did. She was calm, relaxed and confident which put us at ease right from the first time we met her. She made surethat we were aware of all options and resources in regards to pre/post natal care, breastfeeding, newborn care and so on. Lindley made sure that she was well aware of what we wanted from our birth experience and took all the steps to help facilitate it. She was able to help support not just myself, but my hustbad who was to be my main support. She was able to remain calm and confident when things were suddenly progressing faster than expected. She knew just how to keep me relazed as possible when I was on the verge of freaking out and with her help we were able to hold out until our team arrived. When it comes down to it, I would recommend Lindley to anyone who is expecting. We aren't planning any more children, biut if it were to happen I would hire Lindley again in a heartbeat. She has a warm heart and gentle touch and we were so lucky to have her present at the birth of our son."


'It is very difficult to even begin to put into words how valuable and amazing our expirience with Okanagan Doulas Was. They were all very kind and knowledgeable, and we felt more and more comfortable with them each time we met in the months before our first sons birth. Lindley ended up being with us during the birth and I don't think I could have made it through the hours of contractions without her. She even supported my husband almost as much as me through the long sometimes stressful hours. We had a specific birth plan and she supported and aided us in completing it as closely as possible. I was suprised and so greatful for how much postpartum support was given as well. We were hospitalized for 5 days due to heart issues with our new babe and Lindley visited everyday helping in anyway possible and just being a strong positive presence. I would recommend their services to everyone (and have to a few so far) and just can't say enough good things about them!'




My partner Mike and I cannot express the gratitude we have for our amazing doula, Lindley. From the moment we met her we knew that we were going to be supported, educated, and we trusted her to help us through one of the most memorable times in our lives. Lindley was a wealth of knowledge without ever pressing her opinion or beliefs on us. We felt comfortable to ask questions and explore options without judgement. Lindley came with many resources from books, to birthing aids like birth balls and tens machines and many others. When the day of my induction came, she was available to me from the beginning of the day, asking me how I was doing and letting me know that the moment I needed her, she would be there. And as that moment came, she was! I was so relieved to see her as she walked in the hospital room. I felt safe and like I was truly in good hands. My birth plan was turned upside down and she helped Mike and I accept and move through the labor challenges that we were faced with. After the birth of our little girl Lindley was a crucial support. She let me know that she was available for any postpartum needs that I had and visited us in the hospital as well. She checked in with me often once we were home and I never felt like I was alone once Mike went back to work! I highly recommend Lindley and will 100% have her as a doula in the future if we are blesssed with more children!



Blake & Chase

I would highly recommend hiring Sally or Lindley as your doula for any or all of your deliveries. It gave us the comfort of knowing we had a professional by our side even if the doctors or nurses were not present. For the cost of having a doula, it gave us peace of mind and enabled my husband to be by my side the entire time. They also provide a reflexology treatment that is fantastic before or after the arrival of your baby :) I had Sally for my first and Lindley for my second baby and if we have a third, you bet we'll use them again


Ava & Georgia

Having Lindley by our side made a world of difference! She was extremely knowledgeable, kind, charismatic and supportive. We wanted to do a home water birth and both my husband and I welcomed the extra support. I first met Lindley at pre natal yoga and was instantly drawen to her beautiful personality. Prior to the birth she met with us and helped anwser many questions and concerns. The day my labour started she was there in an instant and knew just what to do. She offered many great tips during my labour to make me feel at ease and work through each contraction. I felt safe and very comfortable with her. Lindley has an amazing sense of humour and got along great with my husband too. Lindley was the first person by our side and the last to leave once our little girl arrived; she even made us toast and tea after the birth! She checked up on us after the birth in the following days to make sure all was well and again offered great advice to care for baby. We got to stay in the comfort of our own home and had the best experience ever. Lindley was not only our Doula but became our friend as well. She is a gem and I would highly recommend her and the services she provides.




Chris and I were very luck to have Lindley as our doula. My husband and I instantly felt comfortable around her and knew we had made a good decision in having her there. Just like we thought, she was absolutely amazing during labour. She has a very calm energy, and just seemed to know what to do. She was great at including my husband and showing him how to help. I couldn't have imagined getting through some of those contraction without Lindley there. Thank you so much Lindley!!! xo




It was a great experience to have a doula at my birth, and Lindley was amazing. She supported and encouraged me through each stage, she had lots of ideas about how to help my labour progress, and helped me be more comfortable throughout. I always felt safe and supported and that she was behind me all the way, even after hours and hours of labour. I highly recommend Lindley as a doula.



Ryan and I both feel grateful for your support and companionship throughout the journey of bringing our first child into the world. Pregnancy and childbirth is a tremendous rite of passage which you treated very sensitively giving us support when needed, and space for us to do our thing in our own way. You were very clear in the beginning about your role and responsibilities as a doula for us and you stayed true to your word throughout the whole experience. During labor I really drew on your calm confidence and the energy you emanated from your radiant smile. I also appreciated your consideration to take care of the little things during the all consuming process of labour, when I wasn't able to fully engage with the outside world. And I found your support to be continuous, even after the birth, as you introduced me to various 'new mother' support groups and events within the community. The enthusiasm you bring to your job makes it very clear that you love being a doula.



Do it! I finally got a doula for my 3rd baby's delivery after always considering it. (Why now if I have already done this before??? Lol) BEST decision ever! Lindley you are amazing! Both me and my hubby agree it was amazing to have you there with us! Thank you for everything, seriously you made it so much easier! Hands down would do it again! Don't have a baby without these doulas beside you!




I can’t imagine what my birth would have been like had Anna and Allison not been there for it. From the second I felt my anxiety creeping up, Anna was at our house and fully stocked with supplies to help me through each contraction. Allison arrived shortly after and her amazing massage techniques calmed me right down. They were both involving my husband, and showing him how he could help which was so incredible. To me, this was truly a team-effort style labour as I really don’t think I could have done it without them. I highly encourage anyone who is expecting to reach out to Okanagan Doulas and take advantage of the life-changing services that they offer. 





Anna was my doula for my first pregnancy/birth and we were so happy we chose her. She helped ease my fears of birth and built my confidence throughout my entire pregnancy. With her guidance, I was able to achieve the drug-free home birth I was envisioning. She knew exactly when I needed her, or when to step back to allow me and my partner our moments. I will definitely be calling on her for any future pregnancies!




We met Lindley in 2013 before the birth of our son. When we found out we were pregnant again we knew we would be calling the Okanagan Doulas again to assist us in the birth of our daughter. From our first meeting with the ladies, I felt assured that I would be supported in whatever decisions I made throughout my pregnancy and birth experience. During the week before, when I was overdue, Lindley did reflexology a few times. Each time I felt like I was listened to and validated. I felt so at ease with her. During labor we were so grateful for Lindley’s calming presence. She was there in the good times and the hard times. She listened to our concerns and met my needs during labor. She helped my husband support me, she showed him the best ways to help during contractions. They were my A-Team! She was there as a rock of support when I began to feel like I was unable to accomplish my goal of a VBAC. Lindley didn’t leave my side while I was in labor. I remember saying a lot that she has hands of gold, no matter what she did it helped me get through the pain of contractions. I felt like she helped me to advocate for myself and that she supported my husband and I in our decisions throughout the process. After our daughter was born the doulas were great and Sally visited us in the hospital. It was amazing the have her expertise in breastfeeding and I felt really encouraged when she left! I knew once we were home that they were a call (or text) away if I had questions. I can’t express enough how much we appreciated their help, support, expertise, and professionalism. If we decide to go for baby number three we know who we will be calling!




Our beautiful baby boy Harvey was welcomed to the world surrounded by positive and supportive people. We contacted The Okanagan Doula’s to book some private prenatal education classes as we were about to become first time parents and had many questions about the labor and our options. Lindley and Sally were so informative and supportive. Lindley met us at the hospital where I was in the first stages of labor. When we decided to leave the hospital to our home to go ahead with the home birth we had hoped for, Lindley followed us home and helped out so much. We filled the birthing tub and she was there to help coach me and my husband along through the contractions. She provided integral support to us - making me feel safe & giving my husband a break. I really think that the support they provided kept me positive during the contractions and kept me going as things got really intense! Finally after about 8.5 hours our amazing little boy made his way out! We were over joyed at this incredible moment. We ended up needing to transfer to the hospital by ambulance because I started bleeding. It was pretty scary! Lindley was there to hold my hand the whole time. She helped to get him nursing again and got us comfortable & stayed until I finally was falling asleep. The next morning Sally came to check in on us and again helped me with nursing and got me some food. I got to leave the hospital the next day with our little bundle of joy. My husband had to leave the country for work 10 days later and Sally came over and took care of Harvey so I could pack! The Okanagan Doulas provided us with wonderful care and support both pre and postnatally. I cannot imagine having done it without them!


Kennady, Mason & Mackenzie

It takes an amazing person to do what Lindley does, and that's just what she is... amazing!!! She knew exactly what to do to help my husband and I through all stages of labour. She assisted him in supporting me, and showed him how to help me through a very difficult labour. Lindley was so supportive and assisted me with breastfeeding, both in the hospital and at home. We will definately have Lindley at our next birth, we couldn't have done it without her!! Now a forever friend, thank you Lindley for everything you have done for us!! xoxo



During our very first meeting with Lindley, my husband and I were very comfortable with her. We felt informed about what her role as a doula would entail and knew she was a strong advocate for our wishes. Future meetinsg with LIndley, helped us determine our wishes. She asked important questions and gave us lots of things to consider in our birth plan. Leading right up to the birth, Lindley was very accessible through phone and checked in with me frequently. Lindley and my husband made an awesome team at supporting me through my labor. My birth experience was better then I could of asked for and LIndley had large part in helping me focus my energy and keeping us all calm and up to the job of birthing my daughter. AFter the birth Lindley was there to support me in breastfeeding and she checked in frequently post partum to ensure we were getting what we needed as a new family. I would strongly recommend Lindley as a doula to any pregnant woman. She has a great knowledge to offer, calm energy and provides support in any way a family sees fit.



Having Lindley at the birth of our daughter was, in one word, a godsend! She has such a calm and reassuring presence, and seemed to know exactly what I needed and when I needed it. In the intense moments of labour, she was able to get me to focus on my breathing when I wanted to push, but wasn't fully dilated. Having an extra person to help my husband help me, and to help me if he needed a break, was wonderful. Madeline is our first, and we won't hesitate to have Lindley be our doula again should we decide on number two.



After a few unsuccessful pregnancies, we finally made it past the 8 week mark and were expecting our first, a sweet baby girl.
As the days and weeks started to fly by, we started to wonder if we were really prepared for what was to come. A close friend suggested hiring a doula.

We found Okanagan Doula's on the internet and after meeting Lindley, Sally and Chriss, we knew immediately that we had made the right decision.
They are very friendly, caring, experienced and extremely knowledgable. They taught us about the labour process and how it is nothing like it is portrayed in the movies. They shared stories and answered our multitude of questions.
They educated us, demonstrated different positions and helped us understand what to expect. They showed my husband how he could help and encouraged me to trust that my body could handle giving birth.
When the real contractions began, we journeyed 4 hours in the middle of the night, through a snowstorm to Penticton. Lindley (and Doula-in-training, Lyndsey) met us at the hospital and stayed with us until our precious daughter was born.
They pushed my knees, rubbed my back, placed cold cloths on my neck and supported my husband and I throughout my labour. Lindley also made sure the doctor and nurses respected our birth plan (no drugs, no epidural, delayed cord clamping, etc) when they tried to suggest alternative options. We are especially grateful for the photos they took of the entire process, what a great keepsake. Such a perfect and beautiful experience would not have been possible without the expertise and support of Lindley. We look forward to the next time and will certainly be calling the Doula's again!



Lindley is a very personable, kind and gentle soul. This was our first baby so I (Danielle) was very nervous but wanted the complete natural experience of birthing and I don’t believe I could have achieved that without the love and support of my team, it was everything I could have hoped for and more! Plus I got the most wonderful Mothers Day present anyone could have asked for – welcoming a beautiful healthy baby boy into the world! She made sure my birth plan was followed and as soon as things started to happen she was always there via text or a phone call away (and always there for questions and keeping in contact months before) until I needed her at my home and helped get the ball rolling by trying techniques that totally worked. She continued to stay by my side encouraging me and keeping everything totally relaxed, she contacted my midwife when the time came. Lindley made sure she wasn’t just supporting me but also my partner Ty; showing him techniques to relieve pressure, how to keep me relaxed and any questions he had along the way. When I decided to go to the hospital she met me there and kept me comfortable and relaxed. I had a pretty quick active labour approx 3 hours and from the time she was at my house to the time I had my beautiful son Garrison it was a whole 9 hours of continuous one-on-one support. Lindley still keeps in contact with me to this day and tries to answer any questions I may have. We are a low income family and were very interested in what doula’s do, once I was more educated I really wanted to try them out. Lindley and Sally were both able to help us out in accomplishing that goal. For our 2nd child that we do plan on having I would totally 110% have them again, I would extremely recommend Lindley to anyone. Thank you so much for everything Lindley and sharing such an amazing experience with us; you’re an amazing person, Doula and friend.