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Labor and birth require a lot of physical and mental preparation. As you get ready for your upcoming birth, you will want to have a variety of comfort measures and coping techniques in your labor toolbox so that you and your support team can be as prepared as possible. Learning helpful labor positions and strategies to promote labor progress will allow your body to work with your baby toward a safe and healthy birth. As Lamaze Internationally Certified Educators we have created this class to provide you with the information and skills you will need to minimize discomfort and labor confidently. 







Standard prenatal classes are full customized prenatal classes that are designed to help you


  • Use a variety of relaxation techniques suitable for both early and active labour

  • Learn comfort techniques that minimize active labor discomfort

  • Learn about positioning, how positioning can affect labour progress and which positions can help with which challenges 

  • Plan for transition with effective labor strategies

  • Learn about pain management options and at what stage they are available

  • Use positions to help open the pelvis to aid second stage (pushing)

  • Learn coping strategies for active labour and transition

  • Learn about common medical interventions that may be used

  • Alleviate fears and learn how to work with your body during labour 

  • Build your knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions.

  • Learn what medical procedures are routine/standard care (for both mom & baby)

  • Become educated about life with a newborn, family transitions & newborn care  

  • Common pregnancy issues & concerns

  • Comfort measures & relaxation techniques for pregnancy & birth

  • Preparing for labour and delivery

  • Labour and birth - phases and stages

  • Options during delivery: risks, benefits and alternatives 

  • Informed decision making

  • Medical procedures, interventions & unexpected outcomes

  • Surgical birth

  • Postpartum transition for family

  • Breastfeeding

As a supplement to this class, we recommend checking out Interior Health's ABCs of Breastfeeding class. If this is not an option for you,


  • Breastfeeding education can be an add-on to our Standard Prenatal.

Standard Prenatal Series
Birth Prep Visit

Birth Prep Visits are private home designed for both home and hospital birthers to help you use and identify how to effectively labour and make use of what is available to you in your chosen environment.


  • Use a variety of relaxation techniques suitable for both early and active labour

  • Learn comfort techniques that minimize active labor discomfort which objects and equipment that is already in the home

  • Learn a variety of positions and what in your environment can be used as "labour tools/aids"  

Breastfeeding Education & Support

Breastfeeding Education classes are designed to help teach you important skills for successful longterm breastfeeding. These sessions can be adapted for education before baby comes, or for support after baby has arrived.​ Some topics that can be covered (but are not limited to) include : 

  • The importance of proper latch for effective milk transfer

  • Identifying a proper latch and learning effective techniques and skills to help accomplish that 

  • Alternate techniques and feeding methods if appropriate or needed/wanted

  • Help address issues such as sore nipples, sore breasts

  • Answer questions relating to expressing breastmilk, pumping, storing, supplementing, increasing milk supply, decreasing milk supply, using donor milk, etc

Extended Prenatal Series

This will have all the content of the "Standard Prenatal Class" as well as the "Breastfeeding Education" and postpartum​​ and/or newborn care & education components.


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