We are a group of women who are very passionate about supporting women and their partners through such an amazing life transformation. It's an honour to be part of a woman's birth team helping to assist you in making the informed decisions that are right for you and your family.

We are like family here at Okanagan Doula. We love working together to support our clients which means our clients have access and benefit from all of our team members and their experience and expertise.

We are very experienced with both home and hospital births and will encourage you to birth in whichever setting and way you feel is right. We are open-minded, unbiased and will stand behind any choice you make. We believe one of the most important roles of a doula is to help your family be as involved as you wish them to be. With doula assistance, they will have the guidance they need to feel confident in their role and abilities.

We bring our heart and hands to our work and ensure each of our clients receives

100% professional and personalized care.

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All our doulas are members of the Doula Services Association of BC






Emilie is a mother of two, a DONA certified birth doula and a geologist. If she's not relaxing with her family and friends, she is likely to be at a birth, or on the field chasing rocks depending on the time of the year! 

Being a mother shows her every day how important it is to have support and to be part of a community.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey and one that should not be walked alone. Emilie believes all families should have the support they wish to have as they welcome new lives into their home and is grateful for the gift of being by a family's side through this transition. Emilie sits on the board of Okanagan Breastfeeding, a non profit association helping mothers to stay connected & feel supported in the community.




Anna is a mother of a beautiful little girl and a certified birth doula with Doula Canada. Anna also has birth doula training with DONA International and she continues to further her skill set with many different trainings and continuing education. She was born and raised in Penticton and has been very thankful to have had the opportunity to spend much of her youth travelling the globe. Anna is passionate about helping women connect with their inner strength and empowering them to trust in their body’s natural ability to give birth.  She has a very keen interest in health and fitness and is committed to help her clients achieve a birth experience that is healthy, safe and empowering!




Kristi is a mother of four, a DONA trained birth doula and in the process of becoming certified. When not spending time with her noisy family, Kristi enjoys quiet activities like reading, knitting, painting, and photography. She happily attends births in Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton, and is passionate about helping parents feel well supported and cared for as they welcome their little ones. Kristi is honoured and grateful to be a part of the village it takes to raise not just a baby, but also a family.

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Ashley is a mother to 2 young children, a DONA trained birth & postpartum doula in the process of becoming certified. Ashley is a calm presence with a great ear for listening and she is passionate about helping families feel empowered through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum weeks.

Ashley is very creative and is the innovative spirit behind our marketing & public relations.

Ashley is also the lead of Penticton Baby Café, a weekly community support group created by Okanagan Breastfeeding, a non profit association helping mothers to stay connected & feel supported in the community.



HypnoBirthing EDUCATOR

Crystal is a mother to 4 beautiful, spunky children full of personality. She has been passionate about pregnancy and birth since becoming pregnant with her first in 2007. She stumbled across HypnoBirthing® in 2013 which helped her have 2 very empowering birthing experiences. She is a certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, Hypnobirthing® Professional Doula, and Postpartum Doula. She is very happy and excited to be able to help families have positive experiences and to wholeheartedly commit to them through one of the most important times of their life.